(The year of) the linux desktop

I was thinking about "the linux desktop" and how linux measures itself against windows. I think that really misses the point. The best thing about linux is that it's not tied to a desktop like windows. Linux is probably the system run by more devices than any other OS in the world (and possibly the solar system ;-). It has so many different desktops, including none. It can be run headless easily. Not like learning a whole new language, windows core anyone? More and more devices are running android as a desktop. So many variants, phone android, TV android, web interfaces ....

Linux is so popular and useful because it is not tied to a desktop.

3 years ago by kxh with 2 comments

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  • Maternitus

    Versatility is king.

    • Gozzin

      Indeed. It's been tied to mine for 14 years. Using Ubuntu right now.