Sorting in Mag View?

Is it possible to sort while in Mag View? I want to look through the new content from the tribes I'm in but when I press Mag View it defaults back to all the trending content. The sorting options only seem to be available while in List View.

8 years ago by Milk with 3 comments

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  • MadMonk

    I believe mag view is supposed to only be trending topics, kind of like in a magazine.

    • exikon (edited 8 years ago)

      Would be great though if you could switch between different "magazines" so to say. Like, one for all the trending stuff, one for your science related tribes, one for your politics tribes etc. I mean, the already have the functionality of different editions for your snapzine so why not expand this to include tribes instead of snaps. Also, I cant believe how often I see you around :D feels like every other snap I open you're there. Guess I dont have to start following you...