What's up Snapzu! I'm new to the community.

Hey everyone! I'm making the switch from Reddit to here. Been roaming around the site and y'all seem like a really cool and nice community. Any suggestions for a newbie like me?

5 years ago by SomeNincompoop with 6 comments

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  • jimmiefan48

    New blood is a good thing. I'm glad t be here now and this community seems to be greeting new users with open arms. Welcome and I hope we all have a nice stay here for a very long time.

  • picklefingers

    Welcome to the site. A tip I give to newbies is to follow a lot of active users. Not only is the tribe system an important way to get content on the site, but following users is another major way.

  • Kysol

    Welcome. Please hang on as we are in for a bumpy ride as we pass through the remnants of Planet Reddit that just imploded. As /u/picklefingers noted, follow users will help you get snaps moving through your feed. Also check out your profile and compare it to other Snapites to see what achievements you can obtain easily to level up faster.

  • baron778

    Welcome! A little late to the party but I hope you're comfortable!

    • SomeNincompoop

      Thanks! And no worries. But I'm diggin this place so far