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For over a year I am a happy camper on this website. Having some tribes, being a member of many more, brings in some serious amounts of knowledge, amusement and recognition. What appeals also is the playful competition with all the ribbons and diamonds. My girlfriend and I are in a fierce race to the top, but here it comes: how? How in the world can we get to the top with such competition? You see, my guess is we're up against pro's. Let me explain a bit and mind you: this is not a complaint, just some ramblin' about the things I kinda see.

It takes quite some time digging through the vasts amounts of articles, pieces, musical expressions and whatnot that are published here. Which is a good thing and a sign that the site thrives. Some people do not post, some people post sometimes and some people post all the time. That last category is the one of interest. I see people posting one high quality post after the other on a daily base, Gatling-gun style. I want their skills. My girl wants their skills. Because it takes a frikkin' genius with machine-like abilities to read all that is posted by just one of these "ultra-posters". How does one read that much in a day? And analyses it, just on the side, also?

Anyway, I go back to reading and listening to music. And painting. :-)

Edit: some spelling and link-sauce.

9 months ago by Maternitus with 1 comments

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  • AdelleChattre

    That’s some friendly competition! Or, I should say, it sounds like it would be. I like Scrabble, and Monopoly, too, but we’ve probably all seen games go sour when somebody starts to take things a little more personally. .Which probably explains why Spite & Malice was so popular with my family. No subtext to worry about there. Cards Against Humanity hadn’t been invented yet. Still, judging from your posts, you’re ini it to win it, and doing well. Even your real life guerrilla art is slipstreamed into your Snapzu post history. We can only guess which of us is the girlfriend, but I would expect there’s probably some depth, obscurity and weirdness there as well. Good for you two; good for Snapzu.

    Pros, though? At a site with literally hundreds of users from all over the world? Now one of the top 5,000 sites in all of Canada? True that, I suppose. Clearly, the Snapzu software didn’t emerge from a roiling sea on a clamshell, so you know our good hosts are pros. Definitely, you can tell /u/Gladsdotter’s a ringer, lured from the publishing world to civilize this frontier’s frontier. Cats like you find on Snapzu probably come from every walk of life, trade, creed and prison work farm around, so they’ll all be pros of a kind, and cons while they’re at it. My guess is there’s a contingent of pirates on the down low, too. Maybe even some fiber arts types, if you checked.

    Me, I think the secret Snapzu doesn’t talk about, but that it really should, is the “SnapIt! Bookmarklet.” Heard of it? Probably not! It’s tucked away very neatly in your Profile Overview, on the right sidebar. Maybe on mobile you’d have to open a drop down menu to find it, I’m not sure. Anyway, there’s a link titled “Bookmarklet.” When you go to that, you’re given a link you can bookmark, possibly just dropping right into the bookmark bar in your browser. The next time you find yourself at a page you’d like to submit as a snap, you hit that bookmark and it automates the process of submitting it. This is yooge. You can go about your average day, driven by ennui and a paralyzing fear of getting anything worthwhile done, and use the bookmarklet when you come across something the whole class might be interested in, post that, and move on.

    Maybe I should’ve PM’d you. Now people will talk, the word will get around, and the girlfriend might find out about your new secret weapon.

  • Maternitus (edited 9 months ago)

    Dear senseis,

    At first a thank you is in its' place. :-) The tools and tactics are well known in both "defcons" and used to their potential. Of course. That's what makes the site also fun: it takes something essential as being curious and combines it with competition. Anyway, there will be attempts at optimizing skills and thinking out devious plans to stay ahead or, "as in someone's case", trying to keep up. :-P

    Back to the easle. :-)