Who's paying for the destructions by superheroes?

I'm (binge) watching all kinds of superhero series the past years and one question keeps coming back: who is paying for all the damage done by superheroes? I mean, all those windows, buildings, vehicles, name it, all in the name of justice and/or saving the earth/city/country. Some prime examples are the Hulk (and the Avengers in total), the Punisher (lots and lots of vehicles), hell, even Supergirl has the tendency to break through windows even though she is aware of doors. My guess is that no insurance company will ever cover all the destruction, so who will? "The taxpayers"?

2 years ago by Maternitus with 4 comments

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  • puntacanna

    10% of movie tickets and digital sales cover the damage :P

  • arianapham

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