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Hello Snapzu - I wish you success!!

I come from Reddit and got tired of getting banned for no reason.

You will find my profile under shorttermaccount

You can guess why the name.

Btw Snapzu, not allowing to use "_" and/or "-" in the name, not cool.

Besides that, the website looks promising!

Good luck and good nite!

4 years ago by yocto with 6 comments

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  • Splitfish

    Welcome to Snapzu. What exactly were you getting banned for?

    • yocto


      I was being banned for submitting news the Mods didn't like in /r/worldnews.

      My submissions usually make the frontpage. But any given day, a Mod with a bad day would ban me for no reason.

      Actually, I got banned under the user ShortTermAccount, so I wrote the Mods and told them THAT was the reason for my name, because I got banned again and again for no reason...

      I asked them if that was the way they build community.

      They unbanned me.

      • Splitfish (edited 4 years ago)

        Ah man I was just looking at this a few hours ago: https://i.imgur.com/xmydAZp.png (open in new tab/window for full size)

        Those mods are high on something.

        • caelreth

          I'll have to remember the essay for future dealings in my tribes. Assuming I have any members to make tasteless jokes. (j/k of course)

        • yocto

          wow, that is crazy!! I am trying to submit to imgur my own Mod-Email to imgur; for some reason, it is not uploading

        • Moderator

          LOL. That is one disturbed master's student. Mods like that really sully my good name.

          Social justice is a worthy cause, but it's a dangerous game they're playing — they think their quest for good trumps everything and everyone else.