Really Digging the New Post Overview

Shoutout to the new update!

I'm really liking the new post overview. Went there to check on one of my snaps and was pleasantly surprised by the new changes! It makes it much easier to manage my comments and text posts without having to go directly to them now. And being able to see how many upvotes / downvotes they've been given. And the fact that I can filter between them so I'm not seeing all them together as well!


Thanks for all your hard work guys! We really appreciate it and I love seeing the dedication and time going into making the site better, and into listening to what us users are suggesting! :D

Dope times are ahead!

5 years ago by massani with 7 comments

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  • Fuyu

    I really like seeing what of mine got downvoted. It was always a little annoying to see my reputation say something like "24 upvotes and 1 downvote" and I just have to sit there wondering what got downvoted for what reason. Now I seeing my own post as context I can figure out maybe I made a dumb joke or people didn't agree with me.

    Kinda dumb but it gives a bit of peace of mind.

  • pseudopsynic


    This place just got more awesome!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  • baron778

    Yeah same here. Good job Snapzu.

  • cailihphiliac

    I can't get to it because I haven't posted any snaps. :(

  • SevenTales

    Great update, I'm loving it so far! Bonus point, the new disagree button hasn't made it in. So I'm really happy about this update. :p