How did you discover Life is Strange?

How did you find out about the game?

I discovered Life is Strange when an LPer I was watching started putting episodes out for it.
After watching a few of their episodes I decided that I had to purchase the game and play it for myself.

7 years ago by microfracture with 1 comments

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  • utesred

    Great question!

    I don't remember when was the first time I heard about it. I wrote it off quite a few times before taking it seriously at all. I think the first positive exposure I got was from the review on IGN for the first episode. It took several more positive mentions before I looked into it. When I saw the pricetag for it, I couldn't help but go for it. I was pretty sure I was going to get it when I was assuming it was 60 dollars. When I saw the price for the season pass, I couldn't resist giving it a shot.