Did you guys got a champion?

if you did which one did you got?

6 years ago by sduque942 with 12 comments

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  • Fuyu

    I got Brand yesterday. He's probably just going to collect dust.

  • KingWizard (edited 6 years ago)

    I got kha'zix. I was extremely happy since I was planning on buying him as soon as he was on sale.

  • plastico

    Yea sorry guys, I got Azir. :)

  • Civil

    I have just about all the champions, so I got a skin instead! Star Guardian Lux to be exact. Quite happy with it :D

  • tabizzy

    one one account i got voli, on my other i got mundo

  • chuyo

    I've got Nautilus Warden ;D

  • kvn

    Ekko, the newest champion of course.

  • egrodo

    Zed, I'm happy with it.

  • DesiDrifter395

    I got Xin Zhao. Not really my style, but there wasn't anyone I had a burning desire for anyway, and my jungle pool is pretty limited

  • Toeknee99

    I got Xerath. It's a pretty decent grab.