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What is your proudest achievement?

See how empty this tribe is I figured talking about what you've done in KSP would be a good place to start. It can be anything from getting to space, to landing on Eeloo, as long as you did it.

3 years ago by Doctorhickey with 3 comments

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  • crincon (edited 3 years ago)

    I'm pretty much done visiting the kerbal system. Haven't really landed on each body, but I've done the harder and chalked off the rest as "that'll be left as an exercise to the reader." Ha.

    I'm fairly proud of my spaceplanes. Not that I'm a wizard kerbal craft designer or anything, but, you know, building a fat Mk3 bird, taking it to orbit with useful cargo, then bringing it back in one piece, right on the runway? I dunno. Makes me happy.

    Unrelated: maybe us 12 people here could come up with challenges, like the Reddit sub does? I know I like to try my hand at those. And the thing with Reddit is, they've done everything by now, so now they're coming up with the silliest, near impossible things. Which are a bit too time-consuming for me, and often seem rather pointless. Say, "build a plane without using any part twice"... eeeh I can see we're bored, but what's the point really, haha.

    But here we could start afresh, with simpler stuff? May spark more activity here?

    • Doctorhickey

      I think having challenges would be a fun way to make this tribe more active, I'm still kinda new to ksp so I might not be the best person to think up challenges but I would still love to help.

  • Francopoli

    I've landed Kerbals on every solid surface in the stock system. I've returned them from every body except Moho, or as I call it, my nemesis.

    I'm now running through a stock game and doing career mode. My Launch window to Duna is in 30 days and I have to get enough science together to be able to make a Duna vehicle and a return vessel.