Joylent/Soylent - May or may not control you

05:59:37 <•Andy2> I am preparing strawberry banana now and see how that tasts

07:20:58 <•microfracture> :O

07:21:43 — •microfracture hands Andy2 a nice tasty sandwich instead ;D

07:22:00 <•Andy2> hehe, the mix was prtty good :)

07:22:06 <•Andy2> no need for a sandwitch but thanks :D

07:22:16 <•Andy2> i will get a sandwich for diner later ;)

07:25:05 <•microfracture> That's just what you want me to think! I'm on to you! :P

07:25:25 <•Andy2> YOU ARE WRONG I AM HAPPY

07:26:31 <•microfracture> That's just the Soylent talking! It controls you now!

07:26:44 <•Andy2> :)

5 years ago by Cheski

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