What's your favourite indie game?

I wanted to welcome any new members to the tribe and ask, what is your favourite indie game and if you want to say why?

I'll start: my favourite games are Don't Starve and Journey and one I'm expecting is Firewatch!

Ps: I need some help to manage the tribe so if someone feel capable or wants to, send me a PM!

5 years ago by takkane with 7 comments

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  • Nerdeiro

    Depends of what you call Indie, it could be Elite: Dangerous or Terraria, take a pick based on how you define the term.

  • smithcmau

    Terraria. I don't know if you can call it indie anymore, but when I started playing, it was.

  • ExileOasis

    Does Life is Strange Count? I know Square Enix has its name attached to it but DontNod develops it so im sure sure if its "indie."

    Other than that, Awesomenauts and Mark of the Ninja.

  • kvistr

    Terraria and Trine. Depending on your definition of indie.

  • JTtheGhost

    Definitely my favorite indie game hands down has been Bastion, with Hammerwatch coming in as a close second.

  • spectregris

    Does Binding of Issac count? I just got that game on wiiu and I'm addicted.