Welcome to the network! Here's a list of the currently known of imaginary tribes.

/t/ImaginaryDragons- This tribe is dedicated to showing all the amazing kinds of dragons portrayed in artwork.

/t/ImaginaryEquestria- This is a tribe for high quality art related to the show My Little Pony.

/t/ImaginaryMaps- "/t/imaginarymaps is a place for anyone to share interesting fictional maps, whether they are a map of a well-known fictional location, or just some idea you whipped up in your head a few days ago. Maps of all types and sizes are welcome, including alternate history."

/t/ImaginaryCharacters- A place to share art of fantasy and science fiction characters.

Please feel free to comment if you find or create anymore to add to the network!

7 years ago by GeniusIComeAnon with 4 comments

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  • b1ackbird

    How about /t/Cyberpunk ?! That was a favorite of mine over at Reddit. Though I don't use that site anymore.