[User Feature] 'Profile Overview' Link When I Click My Avatar at the Top

When I'm somewhere on the site that isn't my feed, it currently takes more than 1 click to reach my Profile Overview (feed, then the avatar that appears in the lower bar next to my level). I keep wanting to find this page from the top avatar, but I have to go into another page to find it. This doesn't feel incredibly intuitive.

I acknowledge there isn't much space up for grabs on the 'avatar overlay' (the box that comes up when I click my avatar next to the green submit button), but I did notice that my name in this context is just text (directly above the XP bar) and not used for anything. Clicking the XP bar or my level takes me to the XP page, so why not make that name into a link that takes me directly to the profile overview (perhaps with a tooltip that appears on hover)?

6 years ago by imnotgoats

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