Option for less polished, but more lightweight Design

While I really like Snapzus design, I currently only have a very slow internet connection. I would really apreciate an option that lets you switch off banners, profile pics and other teraffic-heavy gimmicks that are not actually essential to the Snapzu experience.

Im my humble opinion, an ugly site that loads is still more fun than a fabulous site that doesn't load at all. Also, when Snapzu's servers are under heavy load, more users would switch to the ugly, lightweitght version of Snapzu, therefore automatically reducing the load on the Snapzu-Servers.

8 years ago by spoderman with 4 comments

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  • Anthaller

    I think several versions with different style options would be very cool.

    • spoderman

      Yes. Or maybe an option to add your own stylesheet.

      • imnotgoats

        I actually prefer a limited number of customisation options to allowing custom CSS. This way the site keeps some uniformity and you don't get bad designers making crazy stylesheets that make the content difficult to read.

      • Anthaller

        Ah, yes. That'd be a very cool feature.