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[Features] More Mod and Admin Tools for Tribes

As it stands, unless I have missed something, the only action mods and admins can take in their tribe is to remove snaps or make them sticky. While the former is effective for removing content that is not related to the tribe, it is somewhat drastic for dealing with snaps that have simply been titled incorrectly, or haven't chosen a content type.

What I'm suggesting is some sort of "Edit Suggestion Form" mods and admins can complete on individual posts that sends a message to the original poster, showing the suggested changes to their post. The poster can then accept or refuse these changes, but like downvotes, perhaps they must provide a reason for refusing these changes, so that disputes between mods and users over proper post content can be settled elsewhere.

This way, mods and admins can't just edit a post's actual content, but have a way to suggest changes to the post's title, tags, sources and content type to better curate their communities.

3 years ago by ObiWanShinobi with 1 comments

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    Agreed, Stack Exchange has a similar system and it works very well.