[Features] Ignore/Filter Certain Tribes

It would be nice if there was a way to filter out tribes you don't want to see. I have been browsing new from all tribes to try to be active in any discussion and it's how I've found a couple of tribes to join, but some of the stuff popping up are from tribes I have zero interest in regardless of actual content of the post.

It would also be helpful since tribes have some sort of built in cross-posting feature where things seem to show up in different tribes. For example, if I browse Gaming, but don't want to see anything related to Fallout, I could filter out the Fallout tribe and Fallout posts wouldn't show up for me while browsing Gaming.

7 years ago by Fuyu with 4 comments

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  • jarekb84 (edited 7 years ago)

    There's a feature that does this in your Tribal Feed, here's copy pasta from my comment on the tips and tricks post.

    You can block content from specific tribes, users, content types, and sources in your Tribal Feed from the home icon. Here's a the quote from gladsdotter's post about this

    In your Tribes Feed, check out the downward arrows to the right of each post and you'll see the blocking options, which include letting you hide posts from specific tribes.

    Here's a tutorial gif showing this visually.

  • sixstorm

    Totally agreed. RES had a filter, as should everything on the Interwebz, so it was nice to filter out certain keywords and subs. Make it so admins!

  • phosphorescent

    Absolutely! This is a great idea, especially for those who might be sensitive to certain topics.

  • FapFlop

    This would be fantastic.