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[Feature] What comments / snaps have been down voted

I didn't want to post on /t/asksnapzu in case it started the whole down vote thing again, so if there is a way to already see this I'm sorry, I haven't found it yet.

If there isn't a way, would it be possible to see what comments / snaps you have posted that have been down voted and why. I know that this sort of function would lead to negative behaviour in response to the down votes, but those of us that take our online persona seriously and don't want to offend people, it's nice to see if we have so we can amend these comments, or at least dispute the down votes.

I've only had a few since I've been here, but I'd rather have none. This community has been awesome and I hope that it will continue to be. I know that a few disgruntled ones will make their way onto the site, and I accept that. I also accept that some of my comments may not be liked by others, but the absence of an up vote is as good as down voting something. Down votes are to remove the content and after the last tirade about down vote usage I'm thinking that most users got this, so I'm curious to why someone would want my content removed.

I'm not racist, sexist, abusive, I try to be on the edge providing some humour to comments, and critical analysis (which can be openly debated with me if you disagree, I don't mind at all).

Anyhow rant off.

TL;DR - List of content to allow you to see what you said, to attempt to not say it again. There's only so many times you can get away with something before you become obnoxious.

3 years ago by Kysol with 3 comments

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  • jmcs

    I know that this sort of function would lead to negative behaviour in response to the down votes

    If people start reacting negatively to downvotes they'll only get more downvotes, I don't think it will be an issue if the downvoters remain anonymous.

    • Kysol

      Oh I wasn't saying to expose who down voted, more the reason. I want to make sure that I'm not offending people, so when I see a down vote, I instantly start looking through my comments trying to find something that I've said that may have offended people. It's hard when you post a lot all over the place.

      But yeah, if you started to get negative upon receiving a down vote then you probably deserve it.

      • YourTaxGuy

        If the post that was down voted received nothing but down votes, then it would have a score of 0 or less, and would be easy to identify. If that's not the case, that means that there's someone out there that agreed with you/liked your idea/felt that you contributed something positive to the discussion. Most likely, more than one. So if you make it your goal to not make that kind of comment again, then sure, it's possible you won't be down voted, but you'll also be robbing others of a positive experience.

        TL;DR: Stop worrying about your down votes, count your up votes instead.