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[Feature] A way to hide already-seen posts

This is a simple feature that would make browsing content MUCH better for the average user. It could be implemented in many different ways. A simple "hide" button would suffice but something like having the links disappear once clicked would be more elegant. I don't think it should be tied to the upvote or downvote, however as this encourages people to "vote" on submissions that they wouldn't have voted on previously. With the down vote meaning something different here than disagreement, this could encourage more people to use the down vote arrow incorrectly simply to get content off their page.

3 years ago by neg8ivezero with 5 comments

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  • skully

    I have wished for this feature too. It's how I operate on reddit and it's how my RSS reader works. I think it's a required feature for anyone who would like to always see new content when they go to a particular site.

    That said, I'm torn about whether or not it's something I want to see here. I'm still getting the feel for the community but it seems like people don't often "drive by comment", instead sticking around a thread to watch and maybe even comment on other parts of the thread as they develop. Hiding a post may be an enabler that lets people (or encourages them to) pay attention to only their part of the conversation.

    • ecstasybread (edited 3 years ago)

      Instead of hiding posts then, a simple indicator that you've read that post would perhaps be nice. I'm new but as far as I can tell there's no indication as to whether I've clicked a link or not... the links don't even change colour. It would be even better if the "read" indicator was tied to the account rather than the browser so you could switch between using a computer, a tablet, a phone, or whatever.

      Perhaps read posts could be "minimised" in some way but not hidden entirely.

    • neg8ivezero

      Wow, great point.

      I think that is something that definitely supports the "hide" button option then. Having to purposefully click "hide" should allow people to browse how they want to instead of turning on some kind of automatic hiding system. There may be people who are, as you put it, "enabled" by this option to some degree but I would think it would be negligible by comparison to a setting that hides all read posts.

      Either way, you bring up a very valid counterpoint and something for the admins reading through these requests to consider. Thanks!

      • skully

        I agree with your reasoning on why the feature, if implemented, should be a button.

        I've been thinking about this more and I wonder how much of our desire can be solved by existing tools. I've been trying different options on my home page (the icon next to your avatar, not the page you get to by clicking on the snapzu logo on the left) and I've found that having to click a button to load new content, even between page views, means I can pretty easily keep up with new snaps. For snaps I want to keep track of discussion on, I can pin those and switch between Tribes Feed and Pinned Feed. Looks like we can't pin text posts yet, but I saw drunkenninja say that they're working on that already. I'm gonna try this out today and see how it works for me.

  • Chinky

    Another snapper showing support for this idea. Currently I get by reading just new stuff.