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Post Your HTPC Specs/Uses Here

In honor of getting this sub up and running, let's talk about the specs of your HTPC and how you use it. Here's mine:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Gigabyte Motherboard (Forgot the model, sorry) 8GB OCZ DDR2 RAM Sapphire AMD Radeon 6850 GPU ASUS Blu-Ray Drive OS is on an older Western Digital 64GB SSD Roughly 5TB of Storage for Media Windows 7 Pro

Services: Kodi 15 for Direct Access/Frontend Plex Media Server for Tablets/Phones/Chromecasts/DLNA Minecraft Server SSH Server File Server - Movies, TV Shows, Home Videos, Pictures, Music, ROMs, PC Game Disc/ISO Backups Torrent Server - Using Deluge and the Web Plugin for Monitoring Torrents Backup Server - PC games, Crashplan Destination for Laptops

All Chromecasts, Laptops, Tablets and Phones can connect to my HTPC for media, usually via Plex or DLNA. I only use Kodi right now as a media front end, as my HTPC is connected directly to my TV.

My wife and kid used to use the PseudoTV Plugin for Kodi, but now that use Plex a little more, I have just created playlists for them to use instead. PseudoTV is still a pretty cool plugin though. I also use the DI.FM plugin quite a bit when cleaning the house. Too bad the mobile app doesn't support Chromecast yet . . .

Whenever we have company over, I will pull up Steam via Kodi or one of my many emulators for some 2 player split screen action. Lots of fun there!

I would post pics but honestly, they are quite boring. My HTPC sits in my entertainment center via a SilverStone HTPC case. Nothing super fancy.

Let me know if you have any questions about my setup.

3 years ago by sixstorm with 1 comments

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  • Dotems

    Hey I'm another Silverstone HTPC case user ( what model do you have? ) personally I have a GD08 used as a HTPC/Media server, I'll edit with specs and hopefully pics tomorrow if I can. How do you find you Silverstone case personally I love mine and I find I blends in great with the rest of the living room tech.