What is /t/HowToLife?

/t/HowToLife is a tribe where people can ask questions or share advice about the responsibilities of life. If there's something you think you should have known, but never figured out, this is the place to ask. You might think your question is stupid, but if your school failed to educate you or your parents never got around to it, you'll find your question is a perfect fit here.

I still don't get it. What kind of questions are allowed here?

I think this quote from Step Brothers is a perfect example of what kind of questions you can expect:

I wanna ask you to help me... to show me how I can be a grown-up. Do I carry my high-school diploma around? What do you do with your hair? What happens if there's inclement weather? Where do you- what do you wear? Can you wash clothes in the dishwasher?

I think I understand. What kind of questions are better asked somewhere else?

Any question that requires a high level of expertise in a subject or is purely focused on getting one persons idea or opinion is much better suited for a different tribe.

Examples of discouraged questions along with suggestions for a relevant tribe:

  • "What do you think of Bernie Sanders?" - better posted to /t/politics
  • "How hard is it to install a tankless hot water heater?" - better posted to /t/homeimprovement
  • "What recipes can I cook with tilapia?" - better posted to /t/cooking or /t/recipes

I already have life figured out. Do I have a place here?

Of course! Remember that every question needs an answer. If you feel you have a wealth of knowledge in a particular subject, please feel free to share your expertise in a post. When sharing your advice, be sure to add [Advice] to the beginning of your post.

If you are still confused about how /t/HowToLife works, please ask below!

8 years ago by Boop

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