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Whats everyone's opinion on Halo 5?

Especially with the recent news of micro-transactions and no split screen.

3 years ago by 5irKarl with 8 comments

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  • the7egend

    I'm not sure really, I think the game/franchise might be on a steady decline. I feel like Halo should have told it's story by now and 343 should be trying their hand at a new IP. I now everyone loves it, and Halo is one of my favorite franchises of all time, but I don't want to see it get the CoD treatment and start getting yearly releases just for the sake of sales.

    • 5irKarl

      Personally aside from all the pay2win stuff and no split screen, I think the multiplayer will bring back a strong competitive scene in Halo. I played the beta and from what I can tell it has already really polished gameplay and just feels overall satisfying. However this could change.

  • Nospine (edited 3 years ago)

    With Bungie gone I've really felt like the series has lost its original charm. The idea of micro-transactions and no split screen (it was really fun to play forge mode with friends at home) doesn't help either. Also, like the7egend says, 343 is unnecessarily lengthening the story. It might be good to wait a few years to release a new game, but seems like Micro$oft wants to go the "we'll ship the same unpolished game every year and strip off features while we're at it" route.

    • Apocafist

      Micro-transactions and no split screen? That sounds bad already. I don't have an Xbox One but if I did get one I'd hope this game doesn't suck. I hated that last one though. I guess its a wait and see what Halo 5 is like post release.

      • 5irKarl

        Unfortunately that is what will turn a lot of people off to the game. From what I have played already it is really fun, but with these current changes it will be difficult to get people who were already on the fence.

  • MKNinja

    I'm looking forward to it. Especially the multiplayer aspect. The levels will be vast and detailed. Every generation of Xbox needs a new Halo game. Are you ready?


    I think I'm ready for the series to end after six. I really think 343i has botched the series and left a bad taste in my mouth on the game series that got me into gaming. Microtransactions are a low blow to the community 343! It's not helping!

  • eradimus

    I'm hoping it's good, I know the campaign game play footage wasn't too exciting. The new multiplayer mode warzone looks like a lot of fun. 343 is making all future map packs free so they don't divide the community. 343 is also adding a lot of lore from the books and comics.