[Steam Keys Giveaway] Tomb of Tyrants, Nomad, Khet 2.0, Fake Colours, Chime

Please limit yourself to one game so others have a chance of grabbing something.

Tomb of Tyrants: Claimed

Nomad: Claimed

Khet 2.0: Claimed

Fake colours: Claimed

Chime: Claimed

8 years ago by Milk with 7 comments

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  • Ryvaeus

    Not taking a key as I have too many games as it is, but I just wanted to let you know that you're a pretty cool guy for doing this. Thanks on behalf of everyone who claims your codes!

    • Milk

      Not a problem at all! Just spreading the fun of gaming.

  • Polygon (edited 8 years ago)

    Well, all of these have been taken, but thanks for this giveaway anyways OP. Luv You <3

    • Milk

      Ah sorry about that, in the future I'll ask people to comment if they claim a key. I love your profile picture btw, it's one of my favorite gifs.

      • Polygon

        Thanks, I just love that little cat, its just so happy.