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How does /t/gaming play their games

I've set up a strawpoll for the users of /t/gaming to vote which ways they play games!

In the comments feel free to discuss why you game with each type.

Here's the strawpoll!

4 years ago by Ralid with 26 comments

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  • RenegadeMizu

    PC for majority of my gaming, and everything else (PS3, Wii U, DS, VIta) for exclusives pretty much.

  • Autumnal

    Primarily a pc gamer, I built a great rig. But I love my new 3ds, psp/psp go and vita, and we also have a ps4,xb1, xb360, wii, wii u, regular ds, nes, snes.

    Wow, we have a ton.

  • ortsac

    PC + Nintendo consoles usually :P

  • Nerdeiro

    I'm surprised the PC is doing so well. Maybe it's time to start PCMasterRace on snapzu ?

  • jessdabess

    Right now mostly pc. I just built a new one a couple months ago, and loooaded up on games from the steam sale and humble bundles. So far I've been loving it.

  • ghost403

    Where are all the tabletop gamers. We need more dice in here!

  • kevino025

    Almost everything on my PC. I play some games on my PS3, but rarely.

  • microfracture

    I pretty much play all of my games on a PC.
    However, I have a 3DS to play various Nintendo games and a PS3 that I will fire up once in a blue moon when the mood strikes.

  • ClarkKent

    I voted and it still says 0 votes... :|

  • KingWizard

    I usually just play league of legends on my pc but I also have a 3ds for my smash bros craving and a ps3 and I'm considering a ps4 since the new j stars game is out and I would love to play it on something up to date.

  • eilyra

    Pretty much exclusively on PC, but do have a Wii U for Smash, Kart & Hyrule Warriors and will probably get Zelda once it comes out.

    Funnily now that I think about it, I've only ended up owning Nintendo consoles (GameCube & Game Boy Color prior to the Wii U) even though I haven't been that invested into their franchises (e.g. don't think I've played a single Mario game).

  • Spooky

    I used to mix up PS4, PC, Vita and 3DS but now I'm almost exclusively PS4. I am looking into picking up a Wii U though. Anyone know if it's still worth it at this point? Zelda calls to me

    • Yeti89

      IMO it's still worth it. You've got Sm4sh, Mario kart 8, Splatoon, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, retro stuff on the Virtual Console. Add me if you get one!

      • Spooky

        I'd totally forgotten about Bayonetta! Will do!

  • Kysol

    I don't have anything against any platforms but I'm primarily Xbox based. I only have a Win8 PC setup for FFXI and FFXIV. Main computer is an iMac, so yeah I'm sort of all over the place, but I'm an Achievement Farmer, so yeah Xbox all the way.

  • massani

    PS3 or on my Mac because I can't afford a gaming pc right now :/

  • Apocafist

    I play a large mix. More and more the PC though. My 3DS when I travel to work or out of state.

  • utesred

    I prefer to play on PC for most games. My PS4 is excellent for games that aren't available for some reason on PC (or are an absolute clusterfuck - Looking at you, Arkham Knight). My Vita is perfect for when I'm out and about.

  • DJVee (edited 4 years ago)

    My two biggest avenues of play are my PC and my Wii U, by far. Following them closely is my PS3 and my tablet. I also own a 3DS and Vita, but they aren't used as much as the other, unfortunately. I am planning to purchase a PS4 eventually, as well.

  • Acroyear

    Currently I play all my video games on a PC. I also enjoy playing some tabletop games with pals once a month - Small World, Munchkin, Arkham Horror, Cards Against humanity, etc..

  • CrazyDragon

    I mostly play on PC, but I also play on my Xbox One and my PS4 for the exclusives.

  • moyak

    It used to be PC exclusively for me, but I've found consoles are much better for including my wife in the fun.