Read THIS Before Posting!

Hello, and welcome to /t/gamersdilemma! In this post I will explain how to title your posts so we can maintain order and an organized manner of posting. This way, people will be able to come here and quickly find what they're looking for by scanning the posts.

There will be three types of posts here in this tribe: Posts recommending games, posts disapproving of games, and posts asking if a game is good or not. Here is how they will be tagged:

1) [You Should Buy] is for posts that are bringing attention to good games worthy of attention. For example:

[You Should Buy] Counter Strike: Global Offensive

2) [Do Not Buy] is for posts about really bad, trashy, or otherwise unworthy games that people should avoid like the plague. Example:

[Do Not Buy] Bad Rats

3) [Should I Buy] stands for Should I Buy, and is for posts where you're asking about a game you're unsure about. Example:

[Should I Buy] Darkest Dungeon?

You can also add on to the question if you want. Do you have two games to choose from, or do you have a general idea of what you want? You can use this:

4) [What Should I Buy] stands for What Should I Buy, and is for posts where you're asking an open-ended question. Example:

[What Should I Buy] if I liked Rust?


[What Should I Buy] Minecraft, or Terraria?

I hope that makes things easier for everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here!

7 years ago by Urbanknight4

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