Anyone playing terraria recently?

Hey guys I've been playing nonstop ever since the new 1.3 patch came out living every moment of it in wondering if anyone else started replaying it

7 years ago by Juka with 6 comments

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  • microfracture

    I personally have not tried 1.3 yet. The update came through on Steam the other day and I haven't really looked into it.
    I probably should though since it sounds like a ton of content was added to the game.

    You may also be interested in checking out and/or joining the Terraria Tribe.

    • Juka

      Yeah i own it, made it few days ago :3

  • Narwhal

    I picked it up on sale about two years ago, haven't played it much yet but. Isn't finally plunge in with some friends now that 1.3 is out.

  • darkredninja

    I want to check it out but I haven't had a lot of time. Plus so burnt out on Terraria as I played it a bit too much in the past.

  • Lyzern

    Aye, I did! It's such great fun

  • Grassgrows

    I heard of the 1.3 update when it released and was eager to try it as I had the game collecting dust in my steam library for more than a year now...but I just couldn't get into it. I really wanted to! The game looks amazing and seems to have so much depth to it (literally haha) that people spend thousands of hours in it...but I am so sad that it just does not seem so fun for me...

    I made my house...then kinda went "ehhhh" and shut it down...but I seem to have that with every game nowadays, I think I am just burnt out on videogames for the rest of my life.