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Organizing events! (also introductions)

Each week this tribe will be hosting a gaming get-together on any platforms that our members would like to play on.

How this will work, is each week there will be a discussion thread for suggesting games on common platforms in our community.

So, for example one comment says PC: CSGO, another says PC: DOTA 2, and another says PC: TF2.

Then, a day or two later a poll will be created of the most popular submissions and will be voted upon, like so.

Whichever suggestion wins on each poll will be the official get-together game for that weekend. Then on the sticky post for that weekend, you could post your platform and ID if you are interested in the game, so people could search through the platforms (with ctrl-f or just scrolling) and find other people interested in playing the community chosen game for their platform of choice.

Hopefully this will start up next week, so in this thread I would like you to post your suggestions for next weeks get-together!

The poll will be made next Tuesday (7/7/15) and the polls will close on (7/9/15) with the weekend sticky post the same day.

EDIT: It would also be nice if in your post before your suggestion you introduced yourself to the rest of the /t/gamers community! It would help to get to know each other if were hopefully going to be gaming together.

4 years ago by MyAnacondaDoes with 7 comments

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  • PrismDragon

    Hmmm... How about Payday 2: The Heist? That is a game that benefits from cooperation heavily as well.

    • MyAnacondaDoes

      When playing myself, I could never get a real team together. But with a group, I think it would be great. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • MyAnacondaDoes (edited 4 years ago)

    Hi everyone here, I'm MyAnacondaDoes aka TheTrueApex. I'm interested in PC gaming/music. I'm a hobbyist pianist and game dev. I also really love reading. Anyways, in regards to multiplayer gaming, I primarily like fps games. Aside from multiplayer games though, I play loads of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Kerbal Space Program. My suggestion for the first week is:

    PC, CS:GO

    • spectralk

      PC, CS:GO sounds like a solid start. CS:S would be equally viable.

    • Narwhal

      My vote would also go for CS:GO

  • jarekb84

    You can create polls right inside a snap. Here's a quote from gladsdotter talking about this.

    You can add a social list as part of your snap, which allows actual voting without having to go somewhere else. See, for example, the voting snap for the bookclub selection.
    A social list also allows users to add their own favorites, without being restricted to the tribes you choose.

    • MyAnacondaDoes

      Oh, thanks for the info. Speeds things up for me, and makes it easier to use. When it comes time to vote I'll keep this in mind.