Key Resellers & Trusted Sellers

Following a recent post, I need to make this clear; certain websites resell keys, hence why prices are so cheap on those websites. "Resellers" are retailers that do not work directly with publishers to sell their game keys. Instead they'll buy codes from regions where games are cheaper, or through third-party sellers. These third-parties are generally unknown to the end buyer, which makes it a blind purchase.

Risks buying from these sites could include that the keys simply don't work, the keys could be forcibly removed from your account etc.

Specific Examples






Trusted Websites

  • Amazon

  • Best Buy

  • Bundle Stars

  • DailyIndieGame

  • Desura

  • Direct2Drive


  • Gamersgate

  • Gamesplanet

  • GamesRepublic

  • GameStop

  • GetGamesGo

  • GOG

  • GreenManGaming

  • Groupees

  • Humble Bundle

  • Indie Gala

  • IndieGameStand

  • Indie Royale

  • itch.io

  • Microsoft Store

  • Newegg

  • Nintendo eShop

  • Nuuvem

  • Origin

  • PlayBox

  • PS Store

  • Steam

  • MacGameStore

  • Xbox Marketplace

I will continually update this post, and will add the trusted sellers in the sidebar at a later time. Thanks.

7 years ago by Cyber with 1 comments

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    Ok thanks, you made it clear