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Hi guys. I've lurked for a little bit, but mostly hang out in the medical tribes. I come to you today to ask how deep trouble I'm in. My husband has always wanted to start his own business. Some ideas are good, some...not so much. He wants to be his own boss and all that. Commendable and I support him. It obviously works or else there wouldn't be multiple businesses.

Here's what's happening. He vapes. If you don't know about that, it's like an electronic cigarette, but less cancerous. He enjoys it, knows quite a bit about it, and sees an opportunity. Our town has one vape shop and its...not that well run. The guy isn't likeable. He makes up prices at random depending on if he likes you. He also isn't very consistent with his shop hours despite having posted hours.

So my husband wants to open up a shop with his brother. It could work. There's a market as the next closest shop is an hour away out you have to buy online. My problem is how they're rushing through it. They just started this whole thing in late July. They want to have a shop open by sometime in September.

He's an assistant manager at a local dollar store. Stressful, but decent gig. Full time hours, benefits. I make more as a nurse, but his pay's not bad. His brother (the one pushing for the speed) was a manger at a fast food place. Again, full time, benefits, and they were going to promote him to an IT position when he graduated. Well, come to find out, little bro has turned in his 2 week's notice and THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THEIR BUSINESS LICENSE YET. Or a loan. Or a building. Or any product. He has $500 to his name and has to find some way to pay for college this semester unless he drops out. No idea if he's on scholarships, but I think he's not.

They're going through legalzoom to get the business registered and I don't know anything about how reliable of a company it is. This is because little bro went ahead and filled everything out and filed it before letting husband in on it, to my understanding.

I can't seem to get it through their heads that they need to slow down. I don't want to be paying for a huge business loan when I should be saving for a home and future kids.

This is constantly weighing on my mind. Stressing me out. What are my options? Does anyone have any idea on how to talk some sense into them or am I worrying unnecessarily?

8 years ago by Hedgehogjawn

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