Welcome! What's your poison?

Welcome to /t/EnergyDrinks! Let's get things off right: what're you drinking?

For me it's classic green Monster. I'll try any new flavor of anything that I stumble across (Rockstar, Redbull, Amped) but I always come back to the original green can. It's like a ham and cheese sandwich: that familiar flavor always does me right.

6 years ago by LetsCookBread with 4 comments

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  • lauraramonique

    I love me some Amped :D

    • Nelson

      Did you mean Amp? I see that everywhere.

      • lauraramonique

        haha, yeah. :P

        • LetsCookBread

          Amp is fantastic, really good variety of flavors. If I only drink one once inna while, it can hit me like a truck.