Eco sustainable Economic incentives coded into the programmable economy - it's about TIME

TITLE: Eco Economic Epochs: Eco sustainable incentives for the programmable Economy - It's about TIME

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter Adaptive Procedural Template (checklist). Use Case: Ecologically sustainable economic incentives coded into the programmable economy based on a tokenized economy - It's about Time - Space, syntax symbol set lexicon library supporting the Earth Intelligence Network / Noosphere

THESIS: All things internet, internet of programmable money are formed using: 1. Time epochs created by oscillating quartz crystal based silicon chips 2. Syntax used / not used as programming instructions during epoch time cycles

FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH: All things internet, net of money blockchains are formed by unicast, multicast, anycast. Programmable money’s improvements are in cryptography.

INTERNET BUILDING BLOCKS: Time epochs / syntax are the two main internet, internet of money building blocks in coding the Artificial Intelligence A.I. powered economic system of systems / Earth Intelligence Network EIN / Web 3.0 and the programmable economy in terms of temporal consistency, interoperability, and consensus.

PROJECT BEACON: Reuse NATO's system of systems syntax lexicon OPSCODE brevity code structured data exchange, heartbeat micro to macro cycle Universal Time Zone UTZ sync to support an EIN Earth Intelligence Network neural net emulation. We have a clear and present opportunity and responsibility to improve temporal, geo-spatial, syntactic - semantic consistency, interoperability among myriad programmable money memes among a federated, distributed system of systems. Beacon Communities supported by an open source Earth Intelligence Network EIN powered by a quantum random number beacon blockchain - it's about time (space, syntax lexicon, econometrics..)

PROJECT BEACON: Code Eco sustainable incentives into the world’s programmable economic system of systems engineering framework reusing / leveraging NATO systems of systems engineering best practice. Reuse OPSCODE brevity codes mapped to message symbol sets essential to Artificial Intelligence / human interaction ( i.e., man — machine interface). The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter USPTO 13/573,002 is an Adaptive Procedural Template: Use Case: Eco Economic Epoch Heartbeats for the programmable economy.

USE CASE: Code Eco sustainable incentives into programmable economic framework reusing / leveraging NATO systems of systems engineering best practice. Form federations of Distributed, Autonomous Organizations DAO communities, states, sovereign nations using an adaptive procedural template checklist promoting synchronization among geo-spatially and temporally dispersed groups using a common syntax – symbol set lexicon. Federated groups activities are synchronized geo-spatially across time - space to achieve synergy, synchronicity of events orchestrated from micro to macro cycles from grassroots to capitals.

  1. Reuse OPSCODE brevity codes mapped to message symbol sets enabling Artificial Intelligence / human interaction ( i.e., man — machine interface).

  2. Apply lessons learned (bandwidth discipline, interoperability, OPTEMPO sync cycles... intrinsic to NATO SOP swords to plowshares following German military proposal use cases circa 2003.

SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING: NATO has invested 30 years of mapping OPSCODE brevity codes to symbology / symbols / symbol sets contained in 300 plus message set / use cases as part of Battlefield digitization, Net Centric Warfare NET Enabled Operations NEO NETOPS. Blockchain, crypto currency developers are recreating, reinventing this decades old, tedious, time intensive, labor intensive, expensive structured data exchange… wheel. It may be stated that this project is a swords to plowshares initiative

PATENT APPLICATION USPTO 13/573,002 The Heart Beacon Cycle Time  - Space Meter USPTO 13/573,002 is an adaptive procedural template / checklist of ideas, methods, processes, procedures, algorithms, tools… used to organize diverse peoples speaking many different languages through the universal language of symbols into Distributed Autonomous groups organized in time - space to achieve common goals among individuals organized into federeated groups in DAO (s) Distributed Autonomous Organizations - a RAND Corporation term (DoD funded Think Tank) circa 2001. Each item in the procedural template checklist links to detailed treatise (s)

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space meter is a signaling, telemetry distributed systems engineering framework improving temporal, geo-spatial, semantic - syntactic sync & consensus among DAAE Distributed Autonomous Automated Economy system of systems reusing Battlefield Digitization, Net Enabled Operations engineering swords to plowshares . Eco sustainable incentives integral to an Economic system of systems SoS engineering framework used by NATO for decades. Digital Nations need an (Eco sustainable) Economic Heartbeat & a consistent syntax lexicon library. Crypto economics needs a universal syntax lexicon digital base Artificial Intelligence A.I., quantum blockchain heartbeat beacon to synchronize, sample tokenized commodities across a stochastically harmonized UTZ Universal Time Zone using the firefly-heartbeat algorithm

SWORDS TO PLOWSHARES: The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space meter is a swords to plowshares DAO Distributed Autonomous Organization project using NATO’s Situational Awareness system of systems engineering framework, processes, procedures and internet building blocks to establish an Ecologically sustainable Economic Heartbeat, neural network emulation for the EIN Earth Intelligence Network and heartbeat sync pulse for a Universal Time Zone UTZ supporting a one world currency. It’s syntax lexicon library of OPSCODE brevity codes used in programmable money, the programmable economy is descriptive of all things internet, internet of money down to the quantum computing, quantum blockchain level. We can synchronize ourselves, our cities, towns, cyber-communities in time — space for a common purpose: shared, common, ecologically sound, responsible econometrics.

COA Course of Action: reuse of over 300 NATO cases supported by hundreds of message sets described in spread sheet row - column format populated by thousands of brevity OPSCODES mapped to symbols essential to artificial intelligence man - machine interface. NATO bases are small cities that transact most goods, commodities with it's host nation. Why reinvent the syntax lexicon Rosetta Stone wheel? This is a system of systems tool to accelerate an EIN Earth Intelligence Net – see Project #UNRIG for mor information

DECISION POINT: Economic #RESET is a mathematical certainty. Do we RESET the global system of systems as is or will we re-engineer using NATO system of systems engineering standing on the shoulders of giants

1) CLIMATE CHANGE: IF / WHEN: Climate Change causes a drop in crop commodity food production by 20–25 % while population continues to grow, THEN it follows that this condition will become a matter of national security. It’s TIME to implement an Ecologically Sustainable Economic Heartbeat ELSE face > greater chaos by not leveraging proven system of system structured data exchange methods. An ecologically sustainable economic heartbeat is needed. Why wait until crisis, DEFCON 2 stage?

2) CLIMATE CHANGE: IF climate change causes a drop in crop commodity by 20–25 % while population grows, THEN this condition will become a matter of national security. THEN this will require revisiting Belgian Economist Bernard Lietaer’s TRC Trade Reference Currency ELSE face >socio economic chaos TERRA Trade Reference Currency by Economist Bernard Lietaer LINK http://lietaer.com/2010/01/terra/

ECO INCENTIVES: Ecologically sustainable economic transactions need to be incentivized among the world’s Ecological and Economic system of systems. The world’s systems need to be time-space synchronized, stochastically harmonized across the one world, global UTZ Universal Time Zone via heartbeat messages using universally shared, standards based OPSCODE brevity codes drawn from a universal structured data exchange syntax lexicon with over 300 use case templates e.g., NATO’s lexicon library

Github: http://github.com/Beacon-Heart

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