DAE do all the strange and slightly silly things that I do that haven't yet been mentioned? I'm trying to think of one that isn't too embarrassing to speak of in public.

Oh gosh so far I seem to do everything mentioned except for the business with the fans. Not really necessary in most of the UK. I'm beginning to wonder if we all do these things but are too afraid to say so.

6 years ago by jenjen1352 with 2 comments

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  • MrY

    I do plenty of embarrassing things that I haven't mentioned yet haha...not sure if I should

    • jenjen1352

      That's thing really. I reckon many people do have similar foibles but hide it well. Like avoiding the cracks in the pavement. I absolutely had to do that well into my teens, then I suddenly stopped. It has been replaced by a need to even things up. If I tread on a lumpy bit of pavement I have to make sure both feet have walked on it an even number of times. As a 'grownup' I think I'm nuts, but my inner self gives me no option in the matter.