If you make videos, do you have a dedicated machine for encoding?

While I sit here and see that the next 6 hours will be spent with my gaming PC encoding videos for next week... I should really build a dedicated machine for encoding. This way, I can record while another machine lifts the load of encoding.

What is your method?

6 years ago by Cheski with 4 comments

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  • Zephyrium

    I don't, I wish i did! However I don't think it's needed for me at this point most of my encoding takes less than 30 minutes though it is a resource hog it would be nice to be able to do other things than just browse the internet while it encodes.

    • Cheski

      I had a 13 hour encoding session the other day!

      • PrismDragon

        Wow! How long was the video you were encoding? At what resolution, FPS, bitrate, etc.?

        • Cheski

          It was 13 different videos, all at roughly 30 minutes. 30FPS and 45,000kbps.