What is the purpose of this Tribe?

I think I'm a smidgen confused about the purposes of this tribe, since so many of the snaps are about the Pope or Catholicism. I'm not against the Pope, but wouldn't these be better in /t/catholic? Is there any way to maybe create a sticky with the rules or intentions of the tribe?

Maybe I'm just in the wrong place. That's cool too. I can go elsewhere! No hate meant, just honestly curious.

8 years ago by moottranslation with 2 comments

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  • Wockle

    Fair statement about a lot of catholic snaps, perhaps as we grow as a tribe content will vary more. Since I have checked in tried to add other content. Also I saw your CS Lewis link which should be more than welcome here in my book as his volumes line the shelf in front of me. Of course as always encouraging one another and helping the body in unity especially during these disorienting times is our best purpose.

    • moottranslation

      Cool! I'll definitely snap that then. Thanks for your response!