Any suggestions on growing a tribe?

6 years ago by schrodingersman with 4 comments

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  • joker

    Right now, I think the big thing is getting the word out there.

    Contact similar tribes, and ask them to link to you, and state you will do the same for them (see /t/linuxadmin rules for an example)

    Post good content in the tribe, offer help where applicable, and just all around be cool. Also, get mods you can trust. Check their rep and past posts before offering them a spot.

  • VoyagerXyX (edited 6 years ago)

    When I get asked this I just say,

    Post real, quality, informative content on a regular basis and every once in a while go out of your way to let people know your tribe is a thing that exists.

    It also helps to run a tribe about something a lot of people know/use/need/find interesting.