Why I started my tribes..

Okay, first off. I started /t/Superman because he is a good friend of mine.

I started /t/DallasCowboys because they are my favorite team. (Season ticket member checking in)

I started /t/DallasMavericks for the same reason as Cowboys (Season ticket member)

I started /t/DFW because I am from the area and love it here.. (Sometimes)

I started /t/Terminator because I have followed the movies and comics for a long time.

I started /t/UFC just so I could place hold it.

So all in all, I really don't want to keep these tribes but I want to pass them down to someone with as much knowledge in these area's as I have. The one tribe I will probably keep is /t/Superman

8 years ago by ClarkKent with 5 comments

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  • joker

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you live in the DFW area (even without you stating as much). Now, I know it's a stretch.

    I know about the wanting to keep a tribe up. I have other tribes, but this is my primary focus. I now realize that running a tribe is a TON of work, so I may pass off the others to someone with the same passions as me.

  • MrY

    Is there an option to pass on a tribe to someone else? I too would probably end up handing the reigns to someone else on some of my tribes

    • ClarkKent

      I really don't think so, you can leave the tribe and tell the person to take it over. I think that's the best option actually.

      • MrY

        So I'm guessing if they're a moderator and you leave they automatically become the new chief?

        • ClarkKent

          I will have to try that out, I am not sure. It seems like that should be how it goes. But I am not sure.