I started two tribes. Here's why.

My first one was /t/dadjokes. I love me some puns, and I love me some one-liners, so it was a bit of a win-win for me.

My second tribe was /t/chiptune. I adore the sound of chiptune but don't know too many people who also love it, so I started it for a place to post my personal collection and to meet others who love what I love.

8 years ago by phosphorescent with 1 comments

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  • joker

    My kids are going to hate you, because now I'll have more "dammo" (dad ammo, which is far worse than regular ammo).

    Cool idea for chiptune. I had a coworker who was big on gaming music. He had some site that he always frequented (8bit music or something like that in the name), so I'll pass this one along to him.