How to make a great banner with content-aware resizing

I just got chiefdom of my tribe and it was lacking a banner so I hung one.

I took this image : http://i.imgur.com/8o0IM0F.jpg

And in one fell swoop, transformed it into what you see on top of /t/quebec

Looks pretty, no?

Here's a video that explains the magic : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NcIJXTlugc (watch it, it's really amazing).

And here's how you do it:

  • Get The Gimp
  • Get the Liquid Rescale Plugin and install it
  • Open your image in The Gimp
  • Enter the Liquid Rescaling dialog (it's in the Layer menu)
  • Punch in a new dimension
  • If necessary, manually pick things that ought to be removed / preserved
  • Click the button
  • Export as JPEG

And that's it.

8 years ago by redalastor with 5 comments

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  • joker

    Great article!

    I suck at graphics, so I'll stick with CC stuff until my wife gets around to teaching me how to use crayons.

    • redalastor (edited 8 years ago)

      So do I, that's why I like stuff that does pretty stuff by magic.

      Like fractals and stuff. :)

  • schrodingersman

    Thank God for this. It was such a pain in the ass to make banners for my tribes. Lots of manual re sizing and cropping to make them fit while keeping the aspect ratio correct. Great information.

  • fanficmistress

    That is a pretty awesome technique. I am not as graphic savvy as I would like so thank you for posting!

  • sin

    This is amazing. I was using gimp anyway and i even knew about liquid resizing but i didn't know there was a gimp plugin for that. Thx for the info very informative.