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Hey thought I'd be the second.

Well lets get people chatting, hopefully. Lets have a laugh, laughter is good. So what has happened to you that is really embarrassing? What made you cringe and hide away from people, hoping never to be seen again?

5 years ago by wwarped with 6 comments

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  • Nelson

    This happened like a week ago so it's fresh on my mind. Me and a buddy were driving in his shitty early 2000's white ford taurus, and made a pit stop at 7/11. I get out, get some stuff, jerky, snacks, the goods and when I get out I get into a white ford taurus. But this wasn't his..., so I'm sitting there without looking to my left and say,"lets fucken go". I then turn over and it was some older woman in her 50-60s just terrified. I then got up, appologized and went to the right car. My buddy was laughing his head off.

    • wwarped

      Oh brilliant. That poor woman must have been so confused. Look on the bright side you supplied entertainment for your buddy. Isn’t that what friends are for?

  • Crator

    While I was in high school we had changing rooms for boys and girls after gym. Well I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Something was on my mind at the time and I ended up stumbling into the girls room. I quickly backed up way out by actually walking backwards I was so embarrassed. My friends and other guys ended up cheering and calling me a badass . Nothing ever happened because of it. Still makes me cringe to this day tho.

    • wwarped

      That is cringe worthy, and most lads give it loads of talk but they would cringe if it happened to them. A mate of mine accidentally walked in on our female gym teacher when she just had a towel wrapped around her. She would have been classed as a MILF if the term had been invented back then. But he was seen as a hero for at least a couple of months. He was sick of the comments.

  • wwarped

    I should start I guess?

    I was living in the centre of a busy city. it might have been called Brighton. Some twat kept throwing little stones at my window during the night. They kept ringing the door bell and running away. Just stupid annoying things. This night I was a little drunk, and I might have been entertaining a lady friend. It was about 4am and a stone hit the window. Me wanting to show how manly I was. I was young and foolish. I raced downstairs to the front door. Swung the door open trying to look mean, moody, and menacing. I stepped outside to see if the culprit was about, and then it happened. The wind blew and shut the door. being that I was getting a little romantic I was also naked from the waist down. Now this was in a time before mobile phones. Yes, I am that old. So here I was in the middle of a busy city, still people about at 4am. Mostly drunks stumbling home. I had a flower pot covering my gentleman’s vegetable as I manically pressed the door bell hoping my partner in passion would let me in. Sadly alcohol had got to her and she had fallen asleep. It was the longest twenty minutes of my life until she woke up due to the noise to let me back in.

    In those twenty minutes I got some very interesting offers from people walking by.