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[Build Ready] My first SLI build.

I'm surprised nothing's been submitted here yet. I'll gladly go first. I just finished ordering the last parts for this guy.


I didn't pay full price on a few of those things and I couldn't pass up doing an SLI build finally even if a single card might have been technically more appropriate.

Am I a fool that's been seduced by the promise of power? Perhaps. It'll be fun to build though and maybe it'll be able to play Arkham Knight above 15 fps.

Edit: What should I name it?

3 years ago by QuietKerfuffle with 6 comments

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  • Aditya

    That's a great build, maybe I would have gone for a single 980 Ti since SLI can be hit or miss but good job mate.

    • QuietKerfuffle

      I'm aware of the issues with SLI, but I really wanted the experience of building one. I can always sell them later and get the new hotness if SLI turns into a nightmare.

  • Yossarian

    That's a nice build!

    Let us know how that CPU cooler works out for you. I looked into buying it a little while ago, but decided to go with liquid cooling.

    • QuietKerfuffle

      I had AIO liquid cooling on my last two machines and the water pump or flow of liquid sounds were just too noticeable for me. I've read good things about this cooler.