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We should populate this tribe.

I know the subreddit on reddit is pretty popular, and there's no chance this tribe could get as big as them in the near future. However, in my opinion this tribe and that subreddit could coexist perfectly due to the slightly different nature of Snapzu and Reddit.
Maybe we should start a topic on /r/bindingofisaac, or just simply promote this tribe in the comments. Also, we should post some content, so there will be reason to come here! :) I'm very enthusiastic about this whole Snapzu thing, so even if I only have 120 hours clocked into Rebirth, I will try and post some good content once in a while.

3 years ago by Suppoze with 4 comments

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  • babymeta1

    Yessssss. I love the binding of isaac. Have you guys played a game called Our Darker Purpose? It's similar to the binding of isaac and the art style is gorgeous + ost is great too.

    • Suppoze

      I never played it, but I have seen it. It seems interesting! However, my second favourite right now is Nuclear Throne.

      • darkbum

        Nuclear throne is incredibly difficult but also a massive adrenaline rush, so I find myself getting burned out after ~40 minutes of play, while Isaac, i feel, I can binge play for really long sessions without getting bored. NT is still awesome, though, just a different feel.

  • MyAnacondaDoes

    Too right, this sub was inactive for a while, so I had put up a post on /t/reclaimtribe to reclaim this tribe. Now under new management, I hope to be able to grow this tribe some. I'll be posting here regularly, and I'll be trying to promote it everywhere I can that is relevant. Anyone that is here is welcome to promote this tribe too, just keep it appropriate or in relevant discussion.