Robot Arena 2 - check it out!

Definitely check out Robot Arena 2! It's over a decade old, but still around and probably the best game like it. It looks like there's a new one coming out next year too! I hear gametechmods.com is still active, but it is giving me an error on mobile so I cant check it out myself.

7 years ago by Jupiter7 with 2 comments

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  • canuck

    I'll skip the old one but I am very interested in the new one coming.

    • Jupiter7

      Give the old one a chance in the meantime - you can get it free (It's been on the only forum dedicated to RA2 for years, so I'm sort of assuming its OK) here. Get the DSL mod too; to be honest I'm not sure of all that it changes, but I hear it makes it much better. Graphics are still old, but besides that, I think its a decent time waster until the new one gets here.