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Alabama Man Gets a Ticket for Eating a Cheeseburger

We’ve all done it. It’s lunch time, we want something fast and easy so we swing by McDonald’s, order a double quarter-pounder with cheese, and we’re on our way. Then we decide we don’t want to wait to eat that juicy burger that’s calling our name so we start eating on the drive back. That’s what Madison Turner of Alabama did, but what he didn’t expect was to find himself holding a ticket for distracted driving because of it.
Traffic defense lawyer William Head said he had never seen a citation like that before. “I’ve only seen something like this charge when there’s an accident,” he said. “There was no accident here so the fact that this man was charged with eating and driving is a first for me.” He went on to say, “if this was the law, I’d have to hire more attorneys because everybody does it, including me.” Cobb County Solicitor General Barry Morgan told Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he would prosecute if he could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that eating affected his driving, but in order to do so would mean proving Turner was eating the burger, the burger was distracting, and that the distraction made Turner drive unsafely.
Turner will appear in court February 3rd.

3 years ago by JodieMH

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