What is your abnormal fear?

5 years ago by SakuraPanko with 6 comments

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  • stitches

    Moths. When I was a teenager wandering back from the pub down a country road with no street lights smoking my merry way home a HUGE country moth with a big furry body must have seen the light from my cig and landed ON MY MOUTH. Even the little ones freak me out now :(

  • CrazyDiamond

    I am terrified of a specific Steve Urkel collectible doll. Because of things that happened in my childhood. I hadn't been able to even look at a picture of it without screaming until recently, but I will post the picture. Here it is. If I were to face one in person (which has happened) I WILL scream and run away screaming.

    • Arzeus

      I hate dolls. It feels like they'll come to life anytime soon and brutally murder you.

    • SakuraPanko

      I don't blame you. Dolls in general creep me out and that Urkel is not cute. At all.

  • thinkerbell

    Deep water where you can't see the bottom and there is only black emptiness. If I even see a photo of deep water my stomach will drop and feel really stressed.

  • VenStroto90

    I'm scared of spiders, and insects particularly the big ones. Also great height terrifies me.