You've been dropped onto a deserted island. What three things do you want with you?

5 years ago by schrodingersman with 11 comments

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  • jmcs

    A satellite phone, a GPS and some kind of dynamo charger to charge them if needed.

    • PickledRhino (edited 5 years ago)

      This sounds like cheating, but based on the lack of rules I think you win.

      edit: If you want off the island that is.

  • zerozechs

    Mora Bushcraft Black; Kindle w/ all my books; solar charger for the kindle. Good to go.

    • ttubravesrock

      This is pretty much my list. Even if I was dropped off naked, I could eventually make clothes. Or just run around naked for a while. I'm assuming my wife doesn't count as a thing, because I would want her there too. If I had to count my wife as a thing, I would replace the knife and work on fashioning something with a shell or basalt or wood.

  • grandtheftsoul

    The bikini tour bus with all the ladies (think Dumb and Dumber), unlimited rum, and a nice beach house.

  • Brandon816

    GPS, map, and sailboat. Not much of a beach person.

  • ColonBowel

    An insane amount of MREs, water purifier, and a survival book with pictures of naked women.

  • BucksinSixxx

    Hydro electric plant, a home, water purification system