The last six to seven weeks I have the impression that this glorious website has the hiccups: slow page loading and even times that the site doesn't load at all. When pinging the URL, the response time seems to be okay (52 ms on average, just a second ago). The site responds also to pings when it is not loading. Now I'm wondering what is wrong? Is there an explanation for it? And what can I (or any other Snapzu user) do to help this get fixed or improved? :-)

Edit: added some links to up the ante for entertainment value. Or so.

4 years ago by Maternitus with 3 comments

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  • kxh

    Snapzu seemed to be down this morning my time.

  • Maternitus

    Anyways, it seems that the site is back to normal after a long time. The only option I had was browsing Snapzu with the ToR-browser. Nobody has the time to use ToR-browser for some reading and entertainment. Or, at least in this household. ;-)

    It works like normal for now, but I am still wondering what actually went wrong server-side, because it didn't seem like a regular bug. Can an admin please explain? :-)

    Back to my easel and paint for now. Thanks, technicians, for fixing it!! :-)