How big do you want Snapzu to get?

I know we all want to see the site grow, but is there too big? I like the current feel of it as it really feels like a community which you lose as a site gets bigger. So do we want to be as big as something like Reddit or are we happy being somewhere in between?

5 years ago by schrodingersman with 11 comments

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  • FistfulOfStars (edited 5 years ago)

    Big enough so that the flow of new content and discussion is constant, but not so big that the community culture suffers.

    I found that subreddits of about 20-30k people are the most civil while still being active enough to remain interesting. I suspect there's a natural societal reason for that, which will translate to snapzu and elsewhere.

    Kind of lines up with what people consider a large town or small city in my area of the world, which is what seems to be the most desirable for me personally. Stuff to do, but less headache.

    • Teska

      That is a very apt description. And one I agree with. I'd like to be able to recognize those I have common interests with, but still be able to meet new people without having to go mingle at ... say Burning Man.

    • Jaysonator64

      I agree with this statement, whenever a subreddit or any type of social media becomes too popular, it starts to become repetitive and degraded overall. Take the default subreddits for example, which get flooded with reposts and karma whoring.

  • SakuraPanko

    I definitely want it to grow, but I feel like anything that grows to the size of reddit will be unable to avoid the "redditisms" that make churning through the comments there such a chore sometimes.

    • Jaysonator64

      I also find that popular posts on reddit sometimes die after only a few hours, as new comments get buried under upvoted ones. Smaller communities tend to have conversations span over a longer amount of time because it's easier to join an ongoing conversation.

  • Gozzin

    I'd say around 500 more people would be about right.

  • sea

    I feel like I'm disagreeing with the majority here, but I don't think there is any reason Snapzu shouldn't be as big as Reddit. However, I don't think that the major growth should come from the Reddit refugees, as that will result in Reddit culture transferring across. As long as there is a steady increase in people, I would love for Snapzu to have millions of users.

  • ClarkKent

    As far as a active community maybe 500-1000 active members. I want my feed to be constantly changing and it's getting there but I work in a office building and have amps of time.

  • Csellite

    As long as the good vibes remain the same it can get as big as it can be! I feel like this site my change how people act on the internet! It's about time people start acting civil on the web. It is something that connects us all. There are no countries are boundaries on the web and it is important for us to all be open minded and kind.

  • leetmoaf

    Oh man, this is a loaded question. It really depends on how active the community is. I think that the flow of content is slower than on other sites, say Reddit for instance, but the amount of thoughtful comments is about the same. If we could get a faster content feed without losing discussion, that would be ideal. However, the number we're at here right now is nice. I'm scared of hitting critical mass like Reddit has, because I wouldn't be able to get in a word.

  • djsparky

    I want it big enough that if major news happened I could turn here to the comment section for the best updates as I did on another site. That to me is when reddit shined (sometimes with too many pitch forks) but I knew that if any major news happened I could turn there and be better informed. I still haven't even saw a link about all the computer glitches the other day that would have had a tl;dr version to just say simply what is really going on.