snapzu DNS down?

For the last day I couldn't access snapzu. It appeared to me that the DNS was down. I tried https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/snapzu.com.html and it says it's down! https://notopening.com/site/snapzu.com says the same!

I looked at the whois and found the snapzu nameservers:

Domain Name: snapzu.com
Registry Domain ID: 1607672165DOMAINCOM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com
Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
Updated Date: 2019-08-18T04:32:22Z


Name Server: NS1.NAZWA.PL
Name Server: NS2.NAZWA.PL
Name Server: NS3.NAZWA.PL

But a request to one of these nameservers gets rejected:

host snapzu.com NS1.NAZWA.PL
Using domain server:

Host snapzu.com not found: 5(REFUSED)

I normally use a VPN but I can't access snapzu.com through the VPN. When I kill my VPN I can access snapzu.com. Anyone got any idea what's happening?

Even now many of the thumbnails and icons are showing as broken links.

3 years ago by kxh with 16 comments

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  • kxh (edited 3 years ago)

    I'm still getting no images since sX.storage.snapzu.com isn't returning DNS lookup queries any more. Even snapzu.com returns nothing frequently.

    What's going on guys?

  • kxh

    s*.storage.snapzu.com still appear to have no records in the DNS server. Can we have this fixed please? I see hardly any images in snapzu any more.

    • kxh
      • Gozzin

        On my main page ,I can see my avatar and other people's avatars,but that's the only place I see them. This looks to be quite a complicated problem.

        • Appaloosa

          I can't reach it at all on my windows 8 system. It's really weird, my Samsung lotus notes 6 works perfectly fine.

  • kxh (edited 3 years ago)

    I have been looking at this issue and it's kind of weird.

    If I do this command which does a recursive lookup until it hits an authoritative server, using cloudflare I get this:

    $dig @ snapzu.com +short +trace
    NS c.root-servers.net. from server in 40 ms.


    NS b.root-servers.net. from server in 40 ms.
    RRSIG NS 8 0 518400 20190901050000 20190819040000 59944 . G5nPFALXVLH9FuiZ+gSDuJLiIoutGBdlHfn39brGDRLt/8Ugf8cNFvwW RPRfiSCj2j+MMwDvuHrDdQqHUY4k4hnNBYrRpkn18MJcBBrQF1tBZ3ME 2+Dgw0VhDkLr69Wz8w6tdDwfyIvE7YCDl2odpwAQMl+onYS+M5Y/JxdY 1jk1O4+xd1Ksn9Kf0kqE13WJDF7m/HC1rgOzkgQCw+3eAW7piOIjFJz5 QvLLEBjj40cFg0qbY7WybNg9uANpzOepv1itGR53MXAeYmdwA8bDt3q/ WUBGfQ1kKoK69bOLId/eRJ8B9rlzxZDY16YYjsnwVu6Z1inKPmm9nl9U mtE19Q== from server in 40 ms.
    A from server in 226 ms.

    If I do a simple dig I get no answer:

    $dig @ snapzu.com +short

    I am still getting snapzu dropping out occasionally and icons and images missing.

    snapzu authoritative servers seem to be these:

    snapzu.com. 3600 IN NS ns45.domaincontrol.com.
    snapzu.com. 3600 IN NS ns46.domaincontrol.com.

    whois shows this now, so the nameservers must have changed.

    I hope this will settle down as caches get updated.

  • kxh (edited 3 years ago)

    The snapzu.com soa:

    snapzu.com. 3600 IN SOA ns45.domaincontrol.com. dns.jomax.net. 2019081821 28800 7200 604800 600
    snapzu.com. 3600 IN NS ns46.domaincontrol.com.
    snapzu.com. 3600 IN NS ns45.domaincontrol.com.

    Those numbers are a bit odd:

    snapzu.com. IN SOA ns45.domaincontrol.com. dns.jomax.net. (
    2019081821 ; serial number
    28800 ; refresh [8 hours]
    7200; retry [2 hours]
    604800 ; expire[7 days]
    600 ) ; min TTL [10 minutes]

    Looks OK but some of those values seem quite long.

  • lostwonder

    I have problems getting to this site. i'm only getting to it using nonstandard ways. I thought it was my DNS, but I also have trouble getting it on my mobile devices (windows 10 /android). Also have the same blank thumbnail problem. User picture is also missing.

  • Maternitus

    At the moment the site cannot be seen in Firefox, Opera, Midori and several forks from these. The only reason I can post this, is thanks to the ToR-browser. Anyway, the missing of this great website is getting a little less, which is sad. I am not planning on using ToR a lot, so there I go again. I'll do a weekly check if the site is up with Firefox.

  • kxh

    OK, it's all back it seems. Thanks.