tags content on a tribe

I've notice that one you start a new tribe you are asked to enter few tags and the tribe will be populated with those topics. It is possible to do this every day?

5 years ago by silverf0x0 with 2 comments

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  • j0rg

    You can start more than one tribe, but there is a limit per account, based on your "XP" (experience) level which goes up over time.

    The step you are describing uses "mirroring", which allows you to quickly add previously-submitted content to your tribe really quickly and easily. You can do that at anytime, and for any of the tribes you operate.

    • silverf0x0

      Thank you j0rg. Is there a place where I can find documentation about mirroring. I've opened a new tribe I can't see where I can add content with tags.

      Thank you.