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Snapzu Moderator Tools - Groups

So one thing that is really holding our community back from switching over from Vanilla Forums is the idea or concepts of "Groups" for our Tribe. What do I mean by this?

We have content that we'd like certain groups to see but others not to see.

For an example: (Short list of groups and permissions: Members, Officers, Guild Masters)

  • Non-Members: Can see all posts but can't post to the tribe.
  • Members: Can see all member posts and be able to post to the tribe.
  • Officers: Can post and only Officers(& Guild Masters) will be able to see these posts. (Unless flagged for all to see)
  • Guild Masters: Can post and only Guild Masters can see these posts. (Unless flagged for all to see)

Anyway, this type of setup would really help a tiered community like ours and some others might not need as much control as we do but they might find it useful too.

I've talked to Mr. "Teamsnapzu" about this in the past and he didn't seem to think it was a horrible idea but... Anyway, I wanted to see what others thought about the idea and if there is any feedback or movement on bringing this to fruition?

A feature like this would pretty much kill a lot of Hosted Forums solutions out there.

3 years ago by sick with 6 comments

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  • microfracture

    While Snapzu is a community platform for sharing web content, it is not a drop-in replacement for your traditional self-hosted community website or forum software and as such should never be expected to behave as such.

    There honestly is absolutely no reason to have additional groups or permission levels outside of the standard Chief/Moderator roles for Tribes on Snapzu. It goes against how it operates and you simply will never find such features on any other related platforms (e.g. Reddit, Voat, etc.) either.

    If you are in need of very specific feature sets that are traditionally indicative of forum software (in your case groups and hidden items based on a user's access level), you really should just continue to use forum software.

  • OldTallGuy

    This probably should have been posted in /t/ideasforsnapzu, people who run the place would probably give your ideas some consideration.

  • sick

    Really? Downvotes for an idea? And here I thought I left reddit...


    It's this type of stuff that frustrates people(me) to no end. Sure, it seems cute to click the little downvote button, but honestly... folks couldn't resist.

    Downvotes are the devil. Just bury anyone who isn't part of the collective mind spouting exactly what you like.


    • Amulet

      The /t/asksnapzu rules say "3. Use a question mark in the title.", which you haven't adhered to. Perhaps someone has downvoted you for this reason.

      • sick

        I'm sorry. I guess I posted this in the wrong tribe. I thought Microfracture's response was a bit salty and close-minded and really upsetting.

        You can disagree without being disagreeable.

        Anyway. Sorry to have posted here. Mods please feel free to delete it.

  • sick

    Another thought on this...

    Have tribes who have more XP or levels be able to get more groups. ie. If your tribe is L1-10 you can have ONE group. L10-20: TWO-FOUR groups... or some such thing. This way folks have to work to earn the tool sets.